Interior and Exterior Work

If you are a home or business owner, you will likely need a professional contractor to perform some types of interior or exterior repairs, renovations or remodeling services. There are various types of these construction services and all contractors may not perform all of them. We’re listing some of the more typical services here.

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Interior Construction Services

Interior construction services can be defined as those within the interior confines of a building. They can include the following.

1. Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels are a popular choice to improve the functionality and aesthetics of a home or business. Upgrading a bathroom with newer fixtures, colors, storage and other features can also be a great way to increase the value of your property as well.

2. Kitchen Remodels

Another great investment choice in your home is to have your kitchen remodeled. This can add more storage, make it more efficient and enjoyable and become the comfortable environment you want for you and your family and guests.

3. Basement Finishing

Why waste a great space by only using it for storage or laundry? Finishing your basement can add additional living space. You can gain additional bedrooms, family room, recreation room and more by getting your basement finished.

4. Interior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in any room! Tired of the same old “beige” walls? There are so many colors out there to choose from, you can have just about any shade you’re looking for. A reliable professional painter will do the job cleanly and quickly to get your walls and ceilings looking almost new.

Exterior Construction Services

These are those repairs and installations that occur on the outside of your home or business. They can include the following.

1. Decks and Patios

Having a beautiful living area outside is a plus! Adding a deck or patio to your home will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed environment. Many different styles and features are available to meet your design needs and desires. Existing decks and patios can be extended to allow for more space to enjoy.

2. Roofs

A leaky or damaged roof can cause a lot of residual problems to a home or business. Contractors will inspect the roof to determine if repairs are sufficient or if an entire roof replacement is necessary.

3. Exterior Painting

If the paint on the outside of a home or business is peeling or faded, the entire building looks shabby. Hiring a professional to repaint it will renew the look and curb appeal.

4. Replacement Windows

Replacing older and inefficient windows in your home or business is an investment that can reap many benefits. Newer windows will be energy efficient and easier to keep clean. They’ll also add a more positive look to the exterior of the building.